tungsten carbide inserts material selection

Tungsten Carbide Inserts Picture

Tungsten carbide inserts has many types, but for different cutting object, need to choose a reasonable tungsten carbide inserts to increase processing efficiency, and quality assurance process.

1. For general cast iron, tungsten carbide inserts is generally used YG6, YG8 other materials. Meanwhile, according to changes in processing conditions, cutting speed is changing, if the high hardness of the work material, cutting speed to be appropriately reduced, is smaller machined surface roughness requirements, cutting tools should be increased, the thermal conductivity for some better material, only at higher cutting speed conditions, in order to ensure that the workpiece does not cause deformation due to cutting heat.

2. For ordinary carbon steel, alloy steel, general structural steel, ordinary steel, etc., may be used tungsten carbide inserts YTl4, YTl5,798, YC20, YC25S such as tungsten carbide material.

3. For hardened steel and chilled cast iron with high hardness (55.62HRC), wear resistance, strength, brittle characteristics, thus cutting poor. Generally difficult to process or tungsten carbide inserts can not be processed, it is better to use tungsten carbide inserts strength, optional: YCl2, YM051, YM052, YS8, YN05, YG6A so on.

4. For stainless steel material types and tissues due to its crystal structure is very complex, serious work hardening, cutting power, cutting temperature is high, too hard crumbs, easy to stick a knife, tool wear fast, is a common difficult materials. tungsten carbide inserts should be used: YW1, YW2, YW3, YS2T so on.

5. For high-strength steel has good overall performance, the cutting is cutting power, inserts wear quickly, easily broken chips, small thermal conductivity, high cutting temperatures. tungsten carbide inserts material is recommended for YNl0, YN05, YS30, YS25, YS2T etc.

6. For superalloys, it refers to heat-resistant steel and nickel base, tungsten, chromium-based, iron-nickel-based superalloy, this alloy has a higher thermal stability and heat resistance at high temperatures, its organizational structure is complex, high melting point, high activation energy content of alloying elements large, reinforced with more and better dispersion, cutting poor, are the most difficult to cut materials, usually selected tungsten carbide inserts material is YS8, YG8, YM051, TN10 and so on.